Friday, November 23, 2007

The Silver Serpent

The frost creeps again...

Centuries ago, the land of Gameryah was saved from the forces of the Ice King by the Silver Serpent. Now the frost marches again and three young villagers set off on a perilous quest to recover the legendary weapon.

Taught the sword from childhood, Shanis Malan's only dream is to be a soldier, but a woman cannot join the Galdoran army. She thinks her dream has come true when Prince Lerryn hosts a tournament in her town, but circumstances snatch her from her home and carry her into the midst of a quest for a legendary artifact that can save the world from the minions of Tichris the Ice King. Join Shanis and her friends on a perilous quest for the Silver Serpent.

The Silver Serpent is book one of The Absent Gods trilogy.

Praise for The Silver Serpent

"A superb story told believably and unpretentiously by a superb new author." 
Hugo Award-winner Ron Miller

"A gripping epic fantasy in the tradition of Robert Jordan, Raymond Feist and David Eddings." 
The Asgard Oracle

"An enjoyable blend of adventure, intrigue, and humor. I think fans of Terry Brooks and David Eddings could easily enjoy The Silver Serpent..."
Fantasy Book Critic

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